Winch Service




Regular maintenance prolongs the life of these expensive machines and keeps them functioning properly. Although they may look just fine on the outside, poor maintenance results in friction and inefficiency and allows corrosion to set in. Dirt and metal grind down surfaces every time the winch is used. Your boat’s winches should be serviced at least once or twice during the sailing season depending on the frequency and extent of your sailing endeavors, and again in the fall when the boat is hauled.


Service them immediately if:

  • Ratcheting seems sluggish or sticky: pawls may have been greased instead of oiled.
  • The winch doesn’t turn freely. Possible damaged pawls, springs or gears.
  • The winch can be turned in both directions, indicating a problem with the pawls. They may be stuck in grease or damaged.


 Winch Service Complete disassembly of all internal parts for a thorough degreasing and cleaning. Regrease and reassemble, replacing parts where necessary. $85/winch