Life Lines

Unfortunately, it is all too common that this hardware is taken for granted and goes overlooked. When that happens, the wires and fittings can develop rust and corrosion leading to a failure. Stanchions can also snap if lifelines are not properly tensioned, they can become loose or potentially rip out of the deck if backing  plates are not present or properly maintained.

Life lines are one of the most critical safety features on your vessel. In many cases, they are the only thing between you and the water.

We've seen many instances of people falling into the water, creating a life-threatening situation that takes everyone by surprise. Don't become a statistic, get your lifelines checked by professionals and perform regular maintenance on them.

At BYR, we inspect and replace lifelines regularly. It is a large part of our business.

We Offer : 
1x19 stainless lifelines
7x7 PVC covered lifelines
Dyneema lifelines
Stanchion replacement 
G10 backing plates
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