Rigging Inspections

We offer comprehensive inspections of masts, spars, hardware, running and standing rigging, lifelines, deck equipment, etc. These examinations provide much needed peace of mind while underway for boat owners, captains, crew and insurance companies.

We recommend at least a full visual inspection every year to ensure that all components are connected correctly and in good working order. If the mast is out of the boat, even better. This allows for a thorough review of critical pieces that are otherwise hidden or hard to access under load, such as rod ends, spreader tips and mast steps.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is another option we offer for aluminum, bronze and stainless hardware. This allows for a deep-dive evaluation of the true condition of the materials, revealing the tiniest of cracks and porous surfaces unseen to the naked eye. We perform these tests on turnbuckle bodies, rigging fittings, chainplates, rod ends and just about everywhere else a piece of metal sees cyclical stress and shock loads.