Line Finishing Services

Splicing is one of the services that set us apart from the rest, it is our specialty. From traditional marlinspike work found on tall ships to cutting edge custom dyneema strops and soft shackles found at the highest level of Grand Prix yacht racing, this is what we do best.



Double Braid Splice Eye splice for “low-tech” lines (i.e. Polyester, Nylon, Dacron) 1/4″ – 1/2″        $20
5/8" - 3/4"         $25
3/4" - Larger     $45
Core to Core Eye Splice Eye splice for “hi-tech” lines (i.e. Dyneema, Vectran, PBO) 1/4″ – 1/2″           $30
9/16" - 3/4"          $40
5/8″ – Larger       $55
12 Strand/Brummel Splice Eye Splice for uncovered single braid lines (i.e. Amsteel, V12, Dynex Dux) All Sizes                $20
3 Strand Eye Splice for 3 strand line (i.e. Dock lines and Anchor lines) All Sizes                $45
Sta-Set X/Parallel Core Eye Splice for all parallel core lines All Sizes                $50
MegaBraid/Brait Eye Splice for braided dock lines 1/4″ – 9/16″         $40
5/8″ – Larger       $50
Line Tapering Strip cover from the working end of the line to reduce chafe/weight aloft All Sizes                $30
Core Bulking Extra line inserted into core to increase overall diameter All Sizes                $45
Wire to Rope Splicing together a stranded wire and a braided line 12 Strand             $60
Double Braid       $90
Rope to Chain Splicing together any braid to a length of chain (Anchor Rode or Windlass) 3 Strand               $25
Brait                      $30
Tail Whipping Waxed thread whipping on the bitter end to prevent fraying All Sizes                $7
Flemish Eye An eye in the tail of a halyard for reeving through hard to reach sheaves All Sizes                $11
Continuous Line Splice For continuous line furlers and German-style mainsheet systems on race boats All Sizes                $30
Line Covering Adding additional chafe sleeve protection usually on the working end of a line All Sizes                $40
Line Coating Marlow ArmourCoat™ urethane coating for added abrasion and snag resistance, UV protection              $2.50 per foot
End for End Swap the working and bitter ends to add new life to old halyards All Sizes                $40
Custom Rope Work Dyneema Strops, Soft Shackles, Marlinspike Fancywork, etc.              $85 per hour