Standing Rigging

Wire, rod and synthetic fiber.

Those are the three standing rigging options when it comes to modern yachts. 

At BYR, we have experience with all three.

We can assist with the removal, measurement and re-installation of all manner of standing rigging and hardware. Feel free to drop off any wire at our shop or contact us for a quote.

Q: "When should I replace my standing rigging?"

A: A rigging inspection by a professional is the first place to start. There are certain guidelines available, for example, 7-10 years for stainless 1x19 wire and 8-12 years for stainless rod, but the reality is, it all depends on how the boat was used. A boat that has just seen 5 years charter racing in the Caribbean is much different than one that never left its lake dock in Michigan. 

A trained eye is important when inspecting standing rigging. Sometimes cracks or internal damage can be obvious, other times you can't see it without a magnifying glass. You may even find things like rust or corrosion here and there, but that doesn't always mean there is an immediate problem. 

It is important to keep the wire and fittings clean, polished and free of any coverings that allow dirt and debris to accumulate.